Friday, October 14, 2011

The Little Pig

We were at an outdoor shindig recently, and the menu
was potluck PLUS bbq and beans from The Little Pig
in Belton, MO.
(Check out the link for store info.)

We're pretty fussy about our bbq, no doubt about it,
and honestly, we probably wouldn't have eaten at
The Little Pig without this first introduction.

The ribs were the most tender I've ever had--in fact,
the meat literally fell off the bone, which was fine
by me. The burnt ends were big hunkin' tasty chunks,
but not really what I think of when I think burnt ends.
The beans were worth eating, a nice vinegar tang to them.

My mom and dad loved it, and have eaten in the tiny
restaurant several times. We also bought my dad a
gift certificate for his birthday, which gave Scott
an excuse to have a sandwich for lunch when he picked
up the cert.

Not my first choice for bbq, but not bad at all.
Scott likes to stop by for a turkey sandwich at lunch.
My mom and dad like the pulled pork and ribs.


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