Wednesday, June 30, 2010

RJ's Bob-e-que

What we ate:
I had the pork Butt Burger, which was the special, with fries and beans.
Scott had the blackened tilapia, with cheesy corn and beans.

What we thought:
The Butt Burger had a nice level of smoke flavor, and the sauce, while not a typical KC type, was yum. The beans are just so-so; not bad, but not good enough to make
me want to actually eat them (Scott says my homemades are better). The fries, on the other hand, may very well be the best I've ever eaten.

Tilapia: Scott gives the blackened tilapia a thumbs up. (Seriously, I just asked him what he thought, and he gave me a thumbs up.) Then he said it "satisfied
my palate, and left me desiring the next bite," but that sounds too dorky to post. ANYWAY, I liked the tilapia, too, and the side of sauce that came with it. Cheesy corn was pretty good, as well.

The small things matter:
Pickles, while a mere afterthought to many, are one of my bbq must-haves. RJ's are thickish, rippled, crispy, and delicious. I would have asked for extras, but ate WAY too many fries anyway, and thought Scott was going to have to roll me down the hill to the car as it was.

Service: EXCELLENT. Friendly, helpful, fast, even in the middle of a lunch rush.

Atmosphere: Hey, we like to eat. We're not all into the whole atmosphere thing, but in case you are, RJ's looked like a typical kind of bbq thing. It was clean, clean, clean--looked white glove tested all over.

Eat there again? Yes, no doubt--we plan on going back on an evening when they have live music.

Check it out for yourself:
RJ's Bob-e-que
5835 Lamar Mission KS, 66062

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop & Satay Bar

Right. Okay. Basically swiped that pic straight from
their website. You can check out LuLu's at their
very informative page HERE.

What we ate:
I had the Drunken Noodles, we split an order of
spring rolls, and Scott can't remember what he

What we thought:
The spring rolls were so-so, but the sauce that
came with them was fantastic.

The Drunken Noodles were delicious--when they say
"Hot," they are NOT exaggerating. I eat hot, so
I figured no problem, but THEN I ate a jalapeno
out of whatever it was Scott was eating, and almost

His order of "whatever" was really good, too, by
the way. Something chicken.

Pretty poor. We arrived at 2:00 for lunch, and
there were only six tables with customers, with
three waitstaff. Our waitress was more interested
in preparing for the dinner crowd, as she was doing
all sorts of side jobs. Scott had to physically get
up and go to the bar and ask for water (hot food + no
water = ouch!), and then again for a carry out box.

Quirky, cute, small, cozy.

Eat there again?
Yep, definitely, the food was great, so a second
chance at better service is a no-brainer. BUT, due to the
negligent service we received, maybe we'll try earlier for
lunch or later for dinner.

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