Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cafe 75

One of the benefits of going to work is that our shop is right next door to Cafe 75, located in the Westbrooke Shopping Center, at the corner of 75th and Quivira.

I'm telling you, they have great sandwiches, some lovely soups (DH particularly likes the smoked pork soup), and the cupcakes are delicious. That's pretty magnanimous, coming from me, as we have a pretty high standard for baked goods. If it doesn't taste at least as good as something we make at home, we generally won't
even bother to waste our calories eating it.

What we eat at Cafe 75: Sandwiches, chips, soups, cupcakes.

What we think: I can personally recommend the turkey press (pictured), the Chipotle pork loin, and the Blueberry Almond Chicken Salad. Never had a green salad there, but they look wonderful, too. You can't go wrong with the warm, crispy, perfectly seasoned waffle chips! The service is friendly, the take out is fairly fast, the atmosphere is bright, clean, and cheerful. The cupcakes choices change out, but all the varieties we have been fortunate enough to taste, we very much enjoyed.

The little things count: They package the take out orders very nicely, and that's right, that sammich better come with a pickle! (It does.)

Would we eat there again? And again, and again . . .

*****Sad update--the Cafe has since closed, but Executive
Catering is still up and running, albeit at a different location.*****


Contessa Kris said...

What is this? A new blog? And you were just saying to me how you couldn't keep up with mine! Now i have a new one of yours to watch. And its all about food. Can't go wrong there! Have you tried BRGR at 83rd and Mission? Yummy! I love the Ring of Fire burger and the sweet potato fries. Scrumptious. You have to try it. Wonderful atmosphere and excellent waitstaff. They have a Monday take out special, 4 burgers $20, includes fries. I like sitting in there though.

trisha too said...

We did eat there, it was YUM--I'd go back just for all the fantastic fries!!!! I like the inside, too--it wouldn't be as much fun to take it out.