Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mr. Gyros

Today we lunched on take out from Mr. Gyros.
This was only our second visit to Mr. Gyros, which is really
strange, since the restaurant has been around for (according
to their website) 25 years, and we've been eating out in KC
together for almost 30!

Today we ate:
Gyros (duh, right?), baklava, and galaktoboureko.

What we thought: The gyros are great. We like the tzatziki--
it could have more garlic in it as far as I'm concerned, but
Scott says "don't mess with it." He also likes the super soft

The baklava was pretty good; I like mine layered, with a touch
more lemon flavor, but the amount of syrup was good--NOT soggy.
I do NOT like soggy baklava.

Which brings us to the galaktoboureko. Soggy. I've only had
galaktoboureko once before, but it was nice and custardy, not
soggy. So, I dunno if it's always like that at Mr. Gyros, or
if the custard had started to separate, or what.

The small things matter: Excellent napkins, nice weight
plastic ware that doesn't break when you try to eat with it.

Atmosphere: We went at lunch. They were super fast with the
service, not particularly friendly (probably due to being mega
busy). Very clean, bright, cheerful. The people waiting in
the vast line behind us didn't seem to mind a bit, probably
anticipating the good things to come.

Eat there again? No doubt. Like I said was our second visit,
so that ship already sailed.

Any new suggestions for Greek in KC? Besides Tasso's, and the
Mediteranean fare at Jerusalem Bakery?

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Chl said...

Tasso's and Jerusalem are the only other Greek places (besides Mr Gyros) that we visit. There's a new Med place on 39th where the old Otto's Malt Shoppe used to be but I haven't tried it yet.

I've been to Mr Gyros dozens of times, the food is always fantastic (although I rarely have room for dessert!), the service however is NEVER what I'd call friendly.

trisha too said...

You are so right--we've been back numerous times for lunch, and they've never been, well, friendly!

Good thing we aren't coming for the atmosphere!

Jerusalem Bakery is one of my absolute favorite places, the buffet, oh, the buffet!!!